search engines trying to index everything under the sun these days: images, videos, Flash, text, word docs, PDF’s, etc. how best do you optimize your videos for natural search? seeing as that there are no “standards” in place (yet) that all engines follow to read embedded copy in the creation process of a video or Flash file.

a few things can be done to help the engines better understand your video content (let’s assume you have ten videos posted on your site).

first off, it would be ideal if each of your videos is located on (displayed) on a unique web page dedicated to that particular video.

this gives you the opportunity to customize the messaging and copy associated with that file. this also gives the search engine spiders a better chance of correlating the text on the page with the video located on that page.

with this unique page approach, be sure to hand optimize the Title tag and Meta Description tag to speak to the content of the video.

then make sure the body content of the page describes what the video is all about as well. maybe use an H1 tag (header tag) to call out a nice descriptive title for the video as well.

next, you’ll want to name the video file something very specific. for example, instead of something like:


name the file something descriptive that pertains to the video content and the body content on the page built around the video:


the search engine spiders will read the file name and associate those words with the given file so don’t be shy about being descriptive.

one more thing that could help…

if you do have a library of videos on your site, have a video index or video site map page that the end-user (and spiders) can visit that is the doorway to your individual video pages. and be sure to make the hyperlinks from this page to the individual pages something descriptive as well. for example, don’t have hyperlinks that read:

Video Clip 1
Video Clip 2
Video Clip 3

make the hyperlinks descriptive such as:

Dog Chasing Cat Video
Cat Chasing Dog Video
Baby Eating Cake Video

assuming your site gets indexed and visited regularly by the spiders, this is a great start to optimizing

so i’ve been checking out the beta of the Spock search engine and i’m not sure i like it.

it seems to be a hybrid social network/search engine as far as i can tell.

and it’s just one more way for creeps to try and find out more information about someone.

i don’t know if i think this is just a horrible idea or a valid search “tool” for end-users looking for information.

anybody have any comments about this new engine?