wow, Google is now allowing site-owners to submit an XML sitemap feed to help index all of their site’s video content.

very cool.

this is a great supplement to the optimizing video for natural search post i ran in the past.

now you can provide some meta data around each video file on your site (a title and a description).

this is a major step forward for those with websites whose video content is not indexed or optimized for natural search at all.

i wrote in the past about Google offering excellent low or no cost website tools for the small to medium-sized business website. they have also offered an excellent site analysis feature called Google Webmaster Tools which gives you detailed insight into linking information, crawler errors, xml sitemap feeds and a view to how Google “sees” your site.

well as of today, Google Webmaster Tools has made itself even better…

there is a new “content analysis” feature that gives you insight into: title tag issues (duplicate titles and/or too short of titles for example), meta description tag issues and non-indexable content issues (flash, images, etc.).

how freakin’ cool.

there is also additional insight into Google’s crawl of your XML sitemap feed and any errors it encounters with that crawl.

the free tools that Google is offering the website owner these days is fantastic. keep ’em coming Google…