if you have a website with a lot of pages (one hundred or more) and it is well indexed in the search engines, you really have a great resource for developing your own organic link building campaign.

link building is the act of soliciting other websites to create hyperlinks that point back to your site, in order to increase your ranking and relevance to the search engines.

paid link building entails paying someone to link back to you. organic link building is obtaining links that don’t cost you a dime.

but what many people seem to forget is that their own web site is a possible resource for quality, keyword-optimized links.

let me explain…

over time, your site will build up PageRank. and if you follow good SEO tactics and continually add quality content to your site, you will have a web site with a PageRank of four/five or better.

now this means that any plain text hyperlink you put on your site to link to other pages within your site will pass along a decent amount of PageRank and will help provide some weight behind whatever keyword phrase you utilize within that hyperlink.

the engines, especially Google, like to see keyword optimized text within hyperlinks that subsequently link to landing pages that contain the same text within their Title tags, their header tag(s), their body copy, etc.

so technically, just by utilizing your own website, you can create a decent amount of link popularity around a few key terms by creating the right hyperlinks and pointing them to their respective landing pages.

if you have a handful of terms that you consider the most important to your website, consider creating a single landing page for each one of these terms and then creating a site-wide footer with these keyword optimized hyperlinks that point to these respective pages.

in essence you would be passing a good deal of PageRank/weight/relevance for these terms (by having these links on every page of your site) and applying this to these landing pages.

couple that with an organic link building campaign outside of your website and you’ll be sitting pretty.

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