what every website owner needs to understand is that the most important aspect of their website is its content. this might sound silly, but it can’t be stated enough.

i think too many people lose sight of this fact.

the more new, relevant, keyword optimized content you add to your site on a regular basis the happier the search engines will be with your site.

try to make it a habit to add new pages on a regular basis, like three new content pages per week, every week.

the addition of content on a regular basis gets noticed by the spiders and gives them reason to re-visit your site more often. always a good thing.

and don’t forget to give each page a unique, keyword optimized title tag and meta description.

also, make sure you provide the spider an easy way to find these new pages with plain text hyperlinks pointing to them. and for that matter, put a keyword or three into the hyperlinks that speaks to the content of the new landing page. optimized internal linking goes a long way with the engines.

now if only i had the wherewithal to follow my own advice and add content regularly.

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