i spoke previously about 301 Permanent Redirects and how they are an effective way to maintain/pass along your site’s PageRank and inbound links to the new site and/or landing page.

one thing i’d like to mention is that with regard to 301’ing a site/landing pages from one domain to a completely new domain, Google may take some time to resolve this update within its algorithm.

for example, if your “old” site is:


and the new site is:


and you’ve 301 redirected the home page of the old to the home page of the new and redirected all the major landing pages to the new site’s URL structure.

a change in the actual domain name may cause up to a 2-3 month lag in resolution within Google. scary indeed.

patience is definitely a virtue here.

the typical results i’ve seen after the resolution is a return to previous site rankings/traffic followed by marked increases in the months to follow.

: )

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